Pineapple Pop - Neon Valley Studios - highbet Slot Game Review - online casino

Pineapple Pop - Neon Valley Studios - highbet Slot Game Review - online casino

Get ready for a tropical escapade like never before with Pineapple Pop! 🍍 Transport yourself in the sun-soaked paradise where crazy pineapples and chilled fruits await you to win great prizes. This vibrant and colorful slot game promises not only a visual feast but also an exciting gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

We tested Pineapple Pop in highbet and we truly loved what we saw.

Hence, we invite you to read our full game review and find even more cool information about this new release by Neon Valley Studios. 🍹🌴

Tech Mechanics of Pineapple Pop

Pineapple Pop is a dynamic, and visually impressive slot game. Its great balance between RTP and bonus features makes it a suitable game for the majority of slot lovers. However, if you prefer simplicity, this might not be the right choice for you.

  • REELS - 6

  • ROWS - 4-8

  • PAYLINES - 262144

  • MINIMUM BET - €0.20

  • MAXIMUM BET - €50



The maximum win of Pineapple Pop is a fantastic 5,000x your bet!

Design and Theme

As you enter the world of Pineapple Pop, you'll be greeted by a lively beach backdrop, complete with swaying palm trees, crystal-clear waters, and a magical sandy shore. The game's design is a celebration of all things tropical, capturing the essence of a carefree island getaway dominated by sweet fruits. The reels are adorned with a variety of frozen fruity symbols, and the pineapples are the most special ones. With their purple sunglasses and wide smile, the pineapples will be the stars in the grid.

The side pillars of the reels are huge glasses filled up with a cocktail of sliced fruits that will increase up and down after every winning combination.

The colors are amazing of Pineapple Pop, and to make the enjoyment even better, the sounds add even more pleasing vibes.

All in all, Pineapple Pop is a great cocktail of fantastic visuals and melodies, so we gladly label this game as a top-quality video slot.

Symbols, Features, Betting, and Payouts

These are the amazing special features of Pineapple Pop:

Rolling Reels Feature

This feature may activate during both the base game and Free Spins.

This attribute is initiated following any winning outcome.

Symbols that contribute to a win are taken off the reels, and the symbols positioned above shift to fill the vacant spaces.

Consecutive wins can be granted by the Rolling Reels.

The functionality persists until no winning combinations remain on the reels.

Escalating Ways

After a successful Rolling Reels cascade, an extra row of symbols is introduced at the upper part of the reels.

A maximum of 4 additional rows can be incorporated, creating more opportunities for winning.

Upon the conclusion of a base game spin, these supplementary rows are taken away.

Jumbo Blocks

Jumbo Blocks may emerge in the course of Rolling Reels.

The size of Jumbo Blocks varies and can be 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4.

Jumbo Blocks have the potential to manifest on reels 2 through 6.

Except for Scatters and Wilds, Jumbo Blocks can represent any symbol.

The presence of Jumbo Blocks increases the likelihood of achieving additional winning combinations.

It's important to note that any segments of Jumbo Blocks extending beyond the reel area do not contribute to forming winning combinations.

Wild Fill Feature

Vacant spaces beneath Jumbo Blocks™ are populated with Wilds.

During Free Spins, Wilds accumulate at the bottom of the reels until they become part of a winning combination.

Second Chance Feature

Each landed Scatter initiates the activation of the Second Chance Feature.

Following the completion of all wins, the Second Chance Feature is triggered.

Within a diamond-shaped region surrounding each Scatter, up to 12 symbols explode, creating room for additional symbols to cascade in.

It's important to note that Scatters do not cause the explosion of Wilds, Jumbo Blocks, or other Scatters.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except Scatters.

Wild symbols can land on reels 2 to 6 only.

Persistent Wilds

Persistent Wilds remain on the reels until they are part of a win.

Persistent Wilds appear in Free Spins only.

Free Spins

Landing 3 Scatter symbols grants 6 Free Spins.

For every additional Scatter symbol landing during the triggering spin, an extra 3 Free Spins are awarded.

Only the highest win amount is compensated for combinations involving scatter symbols.

The bets placed remain consistent with the spin that initiated this feature.


The Elevator feature is in operation throughout Free Spins.

This feature establishes and maintains a higher minimum number of Ways to win for the entire duration of Free Spins.

The Free Spins commence with the Elevator set to a height of 4 rows.

Following each winning spin, the Elevator ascends by 1 row.

The Elevator has the potential to reach a maximum height of 8 rows.

Importantly, the Elevator level remains constant and does not decrease during the Free Spins feature.

Feature Buy allows you to purchase FREE SPINS for a certain prize.

Final Words for Pineapple Pop 🍍

With a user-friendly interface and great betting options, both newcomers and seasoned players can easily find their rhythm and enjoy the thrill of the tropics.

So get ready to embark on a fruity adventure like no other with Pineapple Pop – the slot game that combines stunning visuals, innovative gameplay, and the allure of a tropical paradise. Spin the reels, pop those symbols, and chase the sunshine-filled fortunes that await in this delightful and refreshing slot experience.

Now just go ahead, visit highbet, and try Pineapple Pop totally for FREE. Have fun! 🍍 🍹🌴🌞

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