Manimals - Highbet Slot Game Review - Cascading Reels - RTP (93.81%)

Manimals - Highbet Slot Game Review - Cascading Reels - RTP (93.81%)

Welcome to the concrete jungle of Manimals, where the line between human and animal blurs, and the city streets pulse unpredictably…

We played this fresh slot game by STAKELOGIC in Highbet and we truly enjoyed the dynamic spinning ride!

Hence, if you would like to dive even deeper into Manimals, just go ahead and read our full game review.

Design and Theme

Set against a backdrop of neon-lit alleyways, Manimals transports you to a future where genetic experimentation has created beings with extraordinary powers. From the cunning Wolf to the mighty Dinosaur, these anthropomorphic creatures are navigating the complexities of human society.

The visual aesthetic of Manimals is a feast for the eyes. Phenomenal graphics bring to life the diverse cast of characters and the urban landscape they call home. Each spin of the reels reveals a new chapter in the Manimals' story...

Background sounds and melody are intense and set the vibe in action mode, inspiring you to play with great focus and courage for victory!

All in all, Manimals has a movie-like theme that will totally immerse into its incredible dystopian world!

Tech Mechanics, Symbols, Features, Betting, and Payouts

Check out the exhilarating special features of Manimals!

  • REELS - 5

  • ROWS - 4-8

  • PAYLINES - 1024 to 32768

  • MINIMUM BET - €0.20

  • MAXIMUM BET - €25

  • RETURN TO PLAYER (RTP) - 93.81%

  • VOLATILITY - Mid-High

  • Maximum win x5000

CASCADING REELS - When a winning combination occurs on the Cascading Reels, the symbols responsible for the win vanish, making way for fresh symbols to cascade down and occupy the vacant positions. This cascading process persists until no further winning combinations emerge.

WILD SYMBOLS - WILD symbols emerge on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, serving as substitutes for all symbols except the BONUS symbol. In Free Spins mode, WILD Symbols exclusively land on reels 3, 4, and 5, arising solely from symbol splitting. These WILD Symbols persistently remain in place and descend to the bottom of the reel.

FREE SPINS BONUS - Scattered FREE SPINS BONUS symbols appearing anywhere on the reels trigger the Free Spins feature. Obtaining 3 BONUS symbols grants 8 FREE SPINS, 4 BONUS symbols grant 10 FREE SPINS, and 5 BONUS symbols grant 15 FREE SPINS. Additional FREE SPINS can be won during the Free Spins Bonus round. During Free Spins, any expansion in the game's ways resulting from a winning combination remains persistent.

REEL MODIFIERS - At random intervals, REEL MODIFIERS may appear, replacing regular reel symbols. Please note that Wild and Bonus symbols are exempt from substitution.

REEL MODIFIERS 1: STACKS - In the Base games, any of the highest tier reel symbols will substitute between x4 and x8 reel symbols, while during Free Spins, they'll replace between x4 and x16 reel symbols. Occasionally, a colossal reel symbol may descend randomly during a reel spin, positioning itself in front of the reels. Upon landing, this symbol will then leap onto the reels. The EXPANDED symbol can either create a MEGA STACK by filling the entire reel or an EPIC STACK by occupying two connected reels.

REEL MODIFIER 2: QUAKE - After the reels have stopped spinning and any winnings have been awarded, one of the 5 top Tier reel symbols may be randomly activated to appear in front of the reels. This feature, known as the last chance bonus, is triggered randomly. When this reel modifier activates, all low-value reel symbols on the screen will be eliminated. Meanwhile, all high-value reel symbols, along with Bonus symbols and Wilds, will descend to the bottom of the reel matrix. Subsequently, a new set of reel symbols will fill the matrix.

REEL MODIFIER 3: BLASTER DISASTER - REEL MODIFIER 3 emerges on reels 2, 3, and 4. The Grenade symbol illuminates the adjacent symbol, signaling their removal from the reels. Any symbols that are eliminated will then be substituted with new ones.

High-paying symbols are the Dinosaur and the Tiger.

Mid-paying symbols are the Gorila, the Shark, and the Wolf.

Low-paying symbols are A, K, Q, J, and 10.

Final Words for Manimals

Manimals is set to become a must-play slot game for players seeking adventure in a world where the wild meets the urban. Are you ready to embrace your primal instincts and join the Manimals in their quest for dominance? The city awaits, and the stakes have never been higher. So visit Highbet and give a shot at this amazing slot game!

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