5 Families - Slot Game Review

5 Families - Slot Game Review

It’s time for some serious spinning!

Prohibition might appear like a good way to stop bad behavior in society. But it turned out to be a spark for making tons of money for certain families. The lack of legal liquor on the market actually was an efficient way of using merciless methods to rule the cash flow. So the gangs started to become more organized and more dominant in American daily life.

Well, the creative team of ‘Red Tiger’ decided to make an interesting tribute to these tough times from the previous century, and developed the slot game ‘5 Families’. This “smooth criminal” game will literally put you in the same room with some of the most dominant figures from this era. The important thing for you as a player is to stay cool. If you keep on spinning with 'ice in your veins', the reward for the cooperation will be massive amounts of cash on your account.

We tested ‘5 Families’ in highbet, and we first-hand saw the privileges of associating with these serious fellas... So if you would like to find out even more about this cool slot game, go ahead and read our full review.

Tech Features

This is a simple slot game, without many types of bonus features. But the only and most important feature is to win 5 times in a row and make your gun cylinder filled with bullets. Then the cash flow will start filling up your account… This is a serious and yet very appealing slot game, but on the other hand, for those who seek multiple features, it might not be the right choice.

‘5 Families’ is a 5 reels and 3 rows slot game with 10 payways.

The Autoplay option is available and can be set up to 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100 auto spins.

The min. bet in this game is €0.10 and the max. bet is €250.

The RTP of ‘5 Families’ is 91%, making it a Low-range slot game.

The Volatility of the game is in Mid-range, so expect a balanced winning pace.

The maximum win of ‘5 Families’ is 1000x, which is an impressive €250,000 the highest possible win!

Design and Theme

The design of the game is as exclusive as it gets! As soon as you step into the game you’ll find yourself in the hotel’s smoky private room. In the background you see the aristocratic interior, so you’ll immediately realize this is a place for exclusive guests. When you start spinning the reels, right away you’ll become familiar with the actual family bosses. They will stare at you, so you might feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning. But soon you get a pleasant feeling, especially with the money rolling in your account. On top of the reels there is a shining revolver cylinder that every time you win, a new bullet will be placed in it. The symbols are of the top-quality design, representing the atmosphere of this hidden place, where the gang leaders are gathering and placing their massive bets behind locked doors…

The music of the game is smooth and stimulates a great spinning rhythm, so all you need to do is to go with its flow…

All in all, ‘5 Families’ is a very successfully created slot game with a movie-like theme and real-deal narrative. So we gladly recommend it to players who feel like jumping back into America’s ’20s and grabbing some underground cash.

Symbols, Betting, and Payouts

Members Only!

In this game, it is all about getting into the VIP ROOM.

This feature is activated when you hit 5 consecutive wins.

When you enter the VIP ROOM you sit on the same gambling table with the crime bosses, and all symbol wins are MULTIPLIED by FIVE!


‘Red Tiger‘ did a very good job of creating a simple-featured game that will satisfy the majority of players through the great balance between the Volatility and RTP. The theme of the game makes perfect sense because in some cases a filled-up gun can be the answer to many hard questions. Ok, for some nondiplomatic fellas…

But anyways, if you would like to give a shot for FREE to ‘5 Families’, go ahead and visit highbet.com. Good luck!

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