The Most Popular Blackjack in 2021 - Multi-Hand Blackjack!

The Most Popular Blackjack in 2021 - Multi-Hand Blackjack!

Fave Blackjack at highbet!

Multi-Hand blackjack is the latest type of popular casino game with rapidly growing popularity. The unique modification is that you are allowed to play more than one hand per single game. The players love this feature because they can bet up to five independent hands at the same round. This great improvement made the online casinos a very preferred choice for blackjack lovers.

So feel free to read our overview and become even more familiar with the reasons for its popularity.


The goal of the game is the same as in the traditional blackjack. You need to get as close as possible to 21 without exceeding this total.

In multi-hand blackjack the cards are having the same value as in the basic blackjack. 2 to 9 are valued from 2 to 9, tens and the face cards are worth 10, and the value of the aces is determined by the player's wish.

Well, the online casinos have the technology advantage to make multi-hand blackjack a smooth and totally reliable adventure. The round starts with the player's decision on how many hands they want to play. The maximum number of hands allowed for each player is five. The interesting part is that the bets for each hand are allowed to be different from one another. And when the round starts, the players can decide on each bet whether they’re going to race or reduce the bet, depending on their evaluation of the “ball game”.

The game rolls from right to left (from the player’s perspective), and every player in the line plays an independent card-betting.

Some other cool moments about this strain of blackjack is that the web software technology makes card counting an impossible scenario. The cards are shuffled by the computer software in the multi-hand blackjack, meaning that each hand is started with a new deck of cards.

The other great moment is that the table minimums of multi-hand blackjack are on average much lower compared to live blackjack. This invigorates more players to be part of all hands available.

Multi-Hand Blackjack Strategy

The smart way of building optimal multi-hand blackjack provides the players a chance to sustain their game by safety and longevity. If you play several hands, this approach will definitely help you significantly to perform better, considering the fact that many other players will play in an impulsive manner.

The opportunity to play 5 hands at once, definitely goes in favor of the player against the house. The simple reason for this is that the player is allied to use different tactics for each hand, and balance the budget to provide greater winning chances. For instance, one hand can be played risky and the other one safe in order to beat the dealer. An important note is that the dealer will keep drawing cards till they reach 17 independently of the player's decisions. But the players can make their own ways of outsmarting the dealer with their independent strategies for each hand.

But also, the players have the opportunity to take insurance bet on as many hands as they like in order to avoid a bust. They are also allowed to split in case they get a pair of face cards. If the player manages to have two hands in a row of face cards, a smart idea is to keep one hand as a 20 and split the other hand. In most cases, this turns the odds significantly in favor of the player.

Highbet’s Verdict

We would love to share with you that Multi-hand Blackjack was the most beloved blackjack game in the previous year. Many blackjack lovers preferred this style of the game, so it turned out to be the “best-seller” at our casino.

This gives us the confidence to gladly recommend you to try it out and find out why Multi-hand Blackjack is the best choice to our customers. So if you find yourself ready to give it a shot, go ahead and visit our live-casino table games and have a great time. Good Luck!

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