Moon of Thoth - G.Games - Highbet Slot Game Review - online casino

Moon of Thoth - G.Games - Highbet Slot Game Review - online casino

Play Moon of Thoth and let this powerful god give you huge fortunes!

Thoth is an ancient Egyptian deity associated with writing, wisdom, magic, and the moon. He played a significant role in the Egyptian pantheon and was considered one of the most important and powerful gods.

Thoth was believed to be the scribe of the gods, responsible for maintaining the cosmic order and recording the deeds and judgments of the deceased. Thoth was regarded as the divine mediator and arbitrator, overseeing disputes and settling conflicts among the gods.

In addition to his role in writing and wisdom, Thoth was associated with magic and was considered the master of all magical arts and spells. He was often invoked by those seeking knowledge, protection, and guidance in matters of magic and divination. Thoth was also connected to the moon and its cycles, and he was believed to have the power to heal and restore balance.

The creative team of G.Games was truly inspired by this extraordinary god, so they developed the great slot game called Moon of Thoth.

We tested this new release in highbet and we definitely loved the experience.

Hence, if you would like to find more useful info about Moon of Thoth just go ahead and read our full game review.

Tech Features of Moon of Thoth

The gameplay of Moon of Thoth is very engaging due to its attractive bonus features and its nice spinning tempo. The volatility and RTP level definitely make it an excellent choice for experienced players. But if you are a rookie, we suggest you play with smaller bets.

  • REELS - 5

  • ROWS - 3

  • PAYLINES - 10

  • MINIMUM BET - €0.10

  • MAXIMUM BET - €20

  • RETURN TO PLAYER (RTP) - 94.50% 


The maximum win of Moon of Thoth is a terrific 5,000x your bet!

Design and Theme

From the moment you launch Moon of Thoth, you'll be transported in front of the pyramids during the quiet night. The attention to detail in the graphics is impressive, with vibrant colors and smooth animations that create an immersive experience worthy of the gods.

Thoth himself sits on the side of the reels and carefully writes every outcome on the grid during the play. This way, he'll decide when you are ready to receive his great fortunes!

The background music is an excellent mix of traditional Egyptian sounds and modern vibes that provide a movie-like dramatic atmosphere.

The Moon of Thoth is definitely another fantastic fusion of the good old casino slots and Egyptian mythology. Therefore, we label Moon of Thoth as a top-quality designed product.

Symbols, Betting, and Payouts

These are the attractive bonus features of Moon of Thoth that will make your spinning adventure super exciting!

Jackpot Feature - By landing glowing symbols you’ll fill up the meter. 15 glowing symbols on a single spin pay an amazing 5,000x your bet!

By landing 3, 4, or 5 BONUS symbols you’ll be awarded up to 45 FREE SPINS. Every BONUS symbol carries an award from 1 to 9 FREE SPINS.

STICKY MOVING MULTIPLIER WILDS - During the FREE SPINS, WILD symbols will carry a random multiplier.

MONEY Respin Feature - by landing the MONEY symbols you can win a Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand prize! Plus, a special multiplier symbol multiplies the prize value landed on the same spin!

High-paying symbols are the WILD, the Sacred Beetle, the Eye, the Pyramid, and the Falcon.

Low-paying symbols are the Golden Life symbol, the Silver Life symbol, A, K, and Q.


Moon of Thoth is a truly captivating slot game that seamlessly blends engaging gameplay with mesmerizing visuals. The presence of Thoth, the god of wisdom, adds a touch of mysticism, enhancing the overall experience. With its innovative features, immersive design, and alluring jackpots, this game is a must-play for both slot enthusiasts and mythology lovers alike. So, channel your inner adventurer, spin the reels, and allow Thoth to guide you to untold riches in this divine journey through ancient Egypt! And the best way to see what it's all about is to visit highbet and click the Try For Fun option! Enjoy!

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