Forge of Gems - Slot Game Review

Forge of Gems - Slot Game Review

Let's manufacture some precious stones! 💎

Our beloved gems start their life in the great depths of the Earth. But before reaching their full glorious form, they go through many polishing processes. This operation takes a highly meticulous approach and commitment to the craft. The forging of these special stones is a heavy, but well-paid duty. That was the main spark of inspiration for the creative team of ‘Play'n GO’ to create the slot game ‘Forge of Gems’. 

The predecessor of this slot game is the well-known ‘Frozen Gems’. Actually, this is а follow-up of the gems' epic journey to the store windows. We tested this vivid slot game at and we absolutely loved what we saw. So if you like to familiarize yourself with this new release, just go ahead and read our full review. 👇

Tech Features

This game has very intense, yet pleasing reel action. The RTP and bonus frequency ensures an inspiring playing tempo. It's an excellent choice for experienced players. If you are a rookie, however, you need to be aware that this is an advanced slot game. So expect your focus and resilience to be challenged.

‘Forge of Gems’ is a 5 reels and 3 rows slot game with 36,288 betways.

The Autoplay option is available and can be set up to 10, 20, 50, 75, and 100 auto spins.

Turbo spins are also an available option.

The min. bet in this game is €0.10 and the max. bet is €10.

The RTP of ‘Forge of Gems’ is 96.2%, making it a Mid-High-range slot game.

The Volatility of the game is in the High-range, so be ready for very significant wins.

The maximum win of ‘Forge of Gems’ is 20,000x, which makes the highest possible win you can look up to, a massive €200,000!

Design and Theme

The action takes place in the forging facility. As you can expect, this isn’t the shiniest of places in the world. But it’s very important, since it is the birthplace of the hypnotizing gems. ‘Play'n GO’ did a great job of incorporating the shiny precious stones into this dark and steamy place. This combination of colors provides excellent visual clarity, even though lots of action takes place on the reels. To make the theme even more representative, industrial machinery is a significant part of the design. This definitely gives you an authentic experience. And to make things even more attention-grabbing, the background music is so vivid that you'll definitely play with great focus and tenacity. And the best part is that ‘Forge of Gems’ absolutely pays back for your determination and hard work. So we gladly rank this game as a successful symbiosis between its theme and its tech features.

Symbols, Betting, and Payouts

This game continuously provides a dynamic reels display. One of the main power engines is the Forge Reel on the top, which combines its special symbols with the symbols on the reels after every win. The result of such a combo is a super exciting and blistering spinning action.

FORGE REEL - amplifies the reels when cascading takes place. This means that after every win, the paying symbols will disappear and will be removed with the symbols from the Forge Reel to provide new possible wins.

There are also five special symbols that will help you out with their excellent features:

  • Turning all paying symbols into WILDs except for the SCATTERs.

  • Splitting matching symbols on the reel.

  • Increasing win multiplier by 1.

  • Turning normal matching symbols on the curtain row into WILDs

  • Splitting symbols except for SCATTERs on the row plus working as a WILD.

  • There are also blank symbols on the Forge Reel.

GEMBOX - is triggered when you hit 3 or more SCATTER symbols.

  • 3 SCATTERs award you with 10 FREE SPINS.

  • 4 SCATTERs award you with 15 FREE SPINS.

  • 5 SCATTERs award you with 20 FREE SPINS.

FREE SPINS - during this bonus feature the win multiplier will never be reset. Besides the guaranteed multiplier, the Forge Reel during this feature will not have any blank symbols.

The WILD symbols substitute for all paying symbols except for the SCATTERs.

High-paying symbols are the WILDs, the Blue Gem, the Yellow Gem, the Green Gem, and the Pink Gem.

Low-paying symbols are A, K, Q, J, and 10.


If you already had a good time playing ‘Frozen Gems’, you simply must try ‘Forge of Gems’. This slot game has great rhythm and powerful bonus features. The special part is the continuous support from the Forge Reel, which will boost your wins significantly. The bonus feature frequency and volatility are executed in the right way making the spinning very attractive and invigorating. 

All things considered, ‘Forge of Gems’ is a must-try slot game. So if you would like to give it a shot for FREE, just go ahead and visit Enjoy! 😀

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