April 2022 Real Cash $300 + 6,000 Coins Sweepstake!

April 2022 Real Cash $300 + 6,000 Coins Sweepstake!

Greetings from Chipy.com and their awesome Sweepstakes!

We are more than happy to announce to you the great news from our fantastic teammates Chipy.com!

Well, they have an excellent offer - Win $100 Real Cash and 2,000 Coins in this monthly sweepstake!

You can be one of the 3 lucky winners!

All level 2+ users can participate. You can purchase up to 10 tickets per day!

Wondering what actually are the Sweepstakes?

Well, Sweepstakes are gambling tournaments in which you can easily participate and win big! Just buy a ticket and you are all set to compete for a cash prize or Chipy coins. Each Sweepstake is available for a certain period of time and at the end of this period, one ticket will be a winning one. Great thing is that you are able to buy more tickets and increase your chances of winning the reward. However, each Sweepstake has defined requirements to enter, depending on the player's level.

What are the benefits of participating in Sweepstakes?

  • Computing with more than 120.000 other users.

  • Not risking your own cash in order to win rewards.

  • Excellent opportunity to boost your bankroll.

Free pass or paid Sweepstakes?

There are two different Sweepstakes. The first type is FREE, meaning that you don’t need any Chipy coins to your account to participate. The second one is PAID, meaning that you’ll need to buy a ticket using Chipy coins, but the upper hand is that the prize values will be bigger!

You feel like this is a great deal right?! So if you like to find even more about Sweepstakes just go ahead and click the following link.

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