Beasts of Fire - Slot Game Review 2021

Beasts of Fire - Slot Game Review 2021

Spice up your coziness!

Yes, it's that time of the year when you love the warmth of your home. The temperature dropped and the day looks a bit short, so spending some good time watching your favorite show or reading your new book seems like the best thing ever… But outside of your house and hometown, the winter is taking its toll. Well, this definitely makes you be more appreciative of your warm little corner.

At highbet we got an idea that watching some wildlife documentaries can make you even more respectful to your own coziness. So that’s why we decided to test the latest slot game of ‘Play'n GO’ called ‘Beasts of Fire’, where you can enter into the world of majestic beasts that fearlessly wander into the wilderness throughout the whole harsh winter season.

Well, if you would like to find even more about this courageous and yet pleasing slot game, go ahead and read our full review.

Tech Features

This slot game has an impressive tempo. As soon as you start spinning the reels the mighty buffalo herd will raise up your winning desire. The fearless and ferocious animals will make you hungry for big wins, but also they’ll never let you down. So we absolutely recommend this game for players who prefer playing in a fast rhythm and chasing massive wins. However, this slot game shouldn't be a good one for beginners, and especially for those who love the slow and relaxed pace.

‘Beasts of Fire’ is a 4 reels and 3-4-4-4-3 rows slot game with 576 with possibility to amazing 12,348 payways.

The Autoplay option is available and can be set up to 10, 20, 50, 75, or 100 auto spins.

The min. bet in this game is €0.10 and the max. bet is €10.

The RTP of ‘Beasts of Fire’ is 96.24%, making it a Mid-high-range slot game.

The volatility of the game is in High-range, so be ready for impressive wins.

The maximum win of ‘Beasts of Fire’ is 25000x, which is a huge €250,000 the highest possible win you can look up for!

Design and Theme

We place ‘Beasts of Fire’ in the class of top-quality designed games. The theme is a nice fusion between the attitude of the game, the features, and the music that lifts up your spirit. In the background, you can see the breathtaking horizon with snowy mountain peaks touching the clouds. On the reels, you’ll have an intense encounter with the majestic beasts roaring while you win massively. The back music lifts the action to another level. It is a fantastic mix of native American sounds and philharmonic harmony that glides through the entire spinning action. All in all ‘Beasts of Fire’ is a very compact slot game that provides a great drive for all adventure lovers.

Symbols, Betting, and Payouts

Be ready for the Charging Buffaloes on your screen!

CHARGING BUFFALOES is a randomly triggered feature that can appear during any spin of the base game. When triggered the number of buffalo symbols is increased on the reels.

METEOR RE-SPIN can appear only on reel 3. When the Meteor symbol hits the reel it triggers free respin and the reel expands by 1. During the re-spin, there's a possibility of another Meteor hit, which expands the reels to 3 additional ones. Then no more Meteor-hit are possible. During the Meteor Re-Spins the Charging Buffaloes chance increases as well.

SCATTER symbols can land only on reels 2, 3, and 4. When you hit 3 SCATTER symbols they activate the 10 Burnin’ Power FREE SPINS. In this bonus feature, all Buffalos are transformed into FIRE BEASTS. If you hit 3 SCATTER during this feature, you’ll be awarded with additional 10 FREE SPINS.

The Meteor symbol is available during the feature and can land on any reel.

WILD Symbol substitutes for all symbols except SCATTER and METEOR. The WILD can appear only on reels 2, 3, and 4.

High-paying symbols are the BUFFALO symbol (appears only during the base game) and the FIRE BEAST (appears during the Free Spins).

Mid-paying symbols are the Bear, the Mountain Lion, the Bald Eagle, and the Racoon.

Low-paying symbols are Red A, Orange K, Purple Q, Green J, and Blue 10.

Final Words

‘Beasts of Fire’ gives you a significant adrenaline kick from the wilderness. This will absolutely satisfy the adventurous souls that seek the excitement of freedom. The impressive beasts that keep rolling on the screen will help you realize that the winter’s cruelty is only a way to make you stronger. This attitude will make you see the huge wins as your deserving prey. In the end, this fiery winning joy will absolutely bring extra warmth where you are, at your home, or playing on your mobile device on the move… So if you find yourself ready to try this awesome game for FREE, go ahead and visit Good luck with the adventure!

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